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Contemporary Franco-American Women's Writings

Pages of Franco-American Women's Institute's initiatives

Contemporary Franco-American Women's Writings

  moé pi toé (formerly The Initiative--A Publication) an 'Ezine

Redesigned  as:
moé pi toé

Most Recent edition of moé pi toé

ezine! Vol. 4 No. 1

Volume 3 Number 4

Volume 3 Number 3

Volume 3 Number 2

Now on online!
Past Issues of the 'ezine, named The Initiative [some links at these sites may be obsolete]:

Volume 3 Number 1

Volume 2 Number 4

Volume 2 Numbers 2 and 3

Volume 2 Number 1

Volume 1 Number 4

Volume 1 Number 3

Volume 1 Number 2

Volume 1 Number 1

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Pages of Franco-American Women's Institute's initiatives

Visit! Maman Disait--Collages and Proverbs in French

Dance as Community! The Grand March, Submitted by Cathy Lamirande

Visit! Museum in the Streets® 'down the Plains,' Waterville, Maine, the South End

Great Links for French Culture 
and Language Teachers

Curriculum for Franco-American Women 
of Maine, Grades 7-12

From Texture to Textiles to Texts
Franco-American Women's Literary Tradition

Click here for your Proud to be Franco-American button!

A Necklace of the Franco-American and Acadian Jewels of Maine

Suggested Readings & Bibliographies on Franco-American Culture and Other Cultures

Franco-American Women's Writers and Editors Slide Show

Franco-American Health Related Materials

Franco-American Women Writers and Editors

Franco-American Women and Parochial Schools

Proceedings from Parochial School Panel

Maine 1990 Census Statistics, English

Statistiques du recensement de 1990 au Maine, French

Census 2000 Data for the State of Maine see Table QT-02. Profile of Selected Social Characteristics for Maine: 2000 scroll to bottom--delineates FA population for 2000 Census

Franco American Women's Institute Directory

The Feminist Times: Franco-American Women's Voices

La Santé de la Femme Private

Flags of Franco-America

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