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French American women artists

Statue of Liberty for educators Franco-American Liberty!
PBS Series


United States/États-Unis


Tante Blanche

Les Femmes Française qui chantent and other musical/theatrical pages


Acadian, Cajun, Creole, and more

The Tourtière Connection

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Contemporary Franco-American Women's Writings

  moé pi toé (formerly The Initiative--A Publication) an 'Ezine

Redesigned  as:
moé pi toé

New edition of moé pi toé

New ezine! Vol. 4 No. 1

Volume 3 Number 4

Volume 3 Number 3

Volume 3 Number 2

Now on online!
Past Issues of the 'ezine, named The Initiative [some links at these sites may be obsolete]:

Volume 3 Number 1

Volume 2 Number 4

Volume 2 Numbers 2 and 3

Volume 2 Number 1

Volume 1 Number 4

Volume 1 Number 3

Volume 1 Number 2

Volume 1 Number 1

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Pages of Franco-American Women's Institute's initiatives

NEW! Maman Disait--Collages and Proverbs in French

NEW! The Grand March, Submitted by Cathy Lamirande

NEW! Museum in the Streets® 'down the Plains,' Waterville, Maine, the South End

Great Links for French Culture 
and Language Teachers

Curriculum for Franco-American Women 
of Maine, Grades 7-12

From Texture to Textiles to Texts
Franco-American Women's Literary Tradition

Click here for your Proud to be Franco-American button!

A Necklace of the Franco-American and Acadian Jewels of Maine

Suggested Readings & Bibliographies on Franco-American Culture and Other Cultures

Franco-American Women's Writers and Editors Slide Show

Franco-American Health Related Materials

Franco-American Women Writers and Editors

Franco-American Women and Parochial Schools

Proceedings from Parochial School Panel

Maine 1990 Census Statistics, English

Statistiques du recensement de 1990 au Maine, French

Census 2000 Data for the State of Maine see Table QT-02. Profile of Selected Social Characteristics for Maine: 2000 scroll to bottom--delineates FA population for 2000 Census

Franco American Women's Institute Directory

The Feminist Times: Franco-American Women's Voices

La Santé de la Femme Private

Flags of Franco-America

See the Cross Listing of Web Sites who list FAWI as a resource! More info for you!

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Pages of interest focusing on other initiatives and writings

Women of the French & Indian War

18th Century Nouvelle France Habitantes--Carolyn Smith-Kizer

French & Indian Women's Listserv
A discussion of women and their pertinent issues in the French and Indian (Seven Years) War era. We interpret the daily lives of women in Nouvelle France [roughly 1740-1760].  Please share with us information about the cultures of this period.  Peruse our files, photos, and links. Explore with us la difference

18th Century Cuisine Blog

Clash of Empires: The British, French & Indian War, 1754-1763
At the History Center

Worlds in Motion
American Indians on the Colonial Frontier

National Registry of Living Historians

Le Detachement

Colonial women

The War That Made America
For the first time in 2005, The War That Made America will tell the remarkable stories of The French and Indian War. As the French and English clashed to control North America, Native Americans manipulated the balance of power. It also marks the inauspicious beginning of George Washington's military career.

Presented by WQED Multimedia, Pittsburgh and The French and Indian War 250 Inc., the four-hour TV series, educational outreach activities, companion book, and Web site are at the center of a national initiative to mark the 250th commemoration of this critical moment in American history.

In addition to the four-hour broadcast series, tentatively planned to premiere in Fall 2005, The War That Made America is a comprehensive Multimedia project that includes a companion book, Web site, innovative curriculum components for middle school and high school that will offer new insights as well as new strategies for teaching, and an extensive outreach campaign designed to engage the public in a fuller understanding of this important chapter in American History.

thumb print of
            Nouvelle Film poster

Nouvelle France--Quand l'Amour Suivit à l'Histoire
Sur la toile de fond d'une vaste fresque historique, le récit épique d'une grande passion amoureuse contrariée par les événements et par les hommes... 

 L'époque (1758-61), riche en bouleversements, est à cheval entre l'effondrement de la Nouvelle-France et l'instauration du régime anglais. C'est <<un temps de toutes les passions>>.  Inspirée de faits réels, l'histoire des amours tragiques d'une jeune paysanne du Bas Saint-Laurent et d'un audacieux aventurier se déroule ici à la manière d'une destinée inéluctable, en miroir d'une autre Histoire déjà écrite, celle de l'abandon du Canada par la France. 

 Set against a sweeping historical fresque, the epic tale of a great love story thwarted by fortune and men's will.  1758-61: a turbulent period bridging the collapse of New France and the establishment of the British regime. An "era of passions".  This tragic love story of a young peasant girl from the lower Saint Laurent River and a dashing adventurer is based on fact.  As their passionate destiny advances inexorably, driven by fate, it mirrors another story that's already been written: France's abandon of Canada. 

French American women artists:

Mary Cassatt

Yvonne Jacquette

Niki de Saint Phalle

Louise Bourgeois Cecilia Beaux Berthe Morisot


Statue of Liberty

Joan of Arc

French Women Writers
The ARTFL Project's French Women Writers
(FWW) Project is a searchable database containing works by French women authors from the 16th to the 20th century.

Studies in Franco-American History found at the Quebec History Site
Études sur l’histoire des Franco-Américains qui se trouvent au site de l’histoire du Québec

Marguerite Yourcenar
Marguerite Yourcenar (1903 - 1987)

Le Monde diplomatique--Femmes


A Celebration of Women Writers
Specialty Collections:  Women's Writing

Browse by Ethnicity/Country:  Present-day Franco-American women, alphabetical, & French Canadian writers also

Specialty Collections lists FAWI's ezine, moé pi toé

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Chronologie historique des femmes du Québec, par: Claire Du Sablon

Famous Canadian Women

Women Religious

The Ursuline Order was officially established by St. Angela Merici on November 25, 1535, in Brescia, Italy. St. Angela's - Ursuline Sisters of Prelate

La Broderie d'art chez les Ursulines, c. 1640 - c. 1880

Le musée des Ursulines de Québec

The Musée des Ursulines de Québec

First superior of the Ursulines of Quebec, born at Tours, France, 28 Oct., 1599:
Catholic Encyclopedia: VEN. MARIE DE L'INCARNATION

National Library of Canada

Canadian Women's History: Celebrating Women's Achievements

L'histoire des femmes au Canada : une bibliographie sélective

La societe des filles du roi et soldats du Carignan
an EXTENSIVE listing of les filles du roi

Filles du Roi and more

LES FILLES DU ROI more links:

Filles du Roy, Les
Anne Claire Poirier, 1974, 56 min 11 s

Evangeline 150th Anniversary , text on Evangeline
vangeline: an Overviewby Dr. Bernard Quetchenbach

English, Grand-Pré National Park, Evangelineland

French, Grand-Pré National Park, Evangelineland

The Legend of Rose Latulippe
read online:

TV5M Légendes canadiennes - Rose Latulipe

La rose et le diable : un roman

Rose Latulippe--L'Encyclopédie canadienne

Antonine Maillet, (1929-)

Anne Hébert (1916-2000)

Gabrielle Roy, English
Gabrielle Roy, French

La Maison Gabrielle-Roy, Inc.

Hémon, Louis (1880-1913) :
- Maria Chapdelaine: a tale of the Lake St. John Country [1924]. 353 Ko.

le Musée virtuel francophone de la Saskatchewan

"Les Collections numérisées du Canada"

"Ressources en direct sur le patrimoine canadien"

Musée virtuel de la Nouvelle France

Virtual Museum of New France

Poetry by Joy Yourcenar: Mythologies

La Bibliothèque électronique du Québec
Textes d'auteurs québécois appartenant au domaine public

Resources for Feminist Research/Documentation sur la recherche féministe

A Guide to Women in Canadian History

The Collectif Féminisme et Démocratie

Planète Québec, Place Aux Femmes

History of Credit Unions

Franco-American History
Études sur l'histoire des Franco-Américains

Center for Research on French Canadian Culture (CRFCC)  And: 

An Overview in English for (CRFCC)

Maine Potato Board

Centre de recherches sur la pomme de terre

Potato Research Centre


Beauceron dog breed developed in the 1500s in the LaBeauce plains around Paris
Get to know the Beauceron


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United States/États-Unis:

Lewiston mill
            rulesWhole Cloth: Discovering Science and Technology Through American History, Smithsonian
Lewiston Mills Regulations, Lewiston, Maine, 1867. Courtesy of the American Textile History Museum, Lowell, Mass. 
To be found at: Unit "at a Glance", Student Activity Packet
Activity #9: "Comparative Labor Systems: 
Plantation Rules/Factory Rules".

Maine Women Writer's Collection, UNE

NEW! Quilts and Wall Hangings by Bridget T. Robbins

Maine Women's Hall of Fame, including Franco-American women:  Senator Margaret Chase Smith, Joan Benoit Samuelson, and Judy Ayotte Paradis

Rita Dube, Former Executive Director, Franco-American Heritage Center, Lewiston

United Somali Women of Maine

Joline Blais, Research/Works In the Presence of the Sacred

Margaret Chase Smith's Franco-American Heritage and Genealogy

Joan Benoit Samuelson

Wednesday's ChildAn award-winning, creative nonfiction book about the Franco-American culture by Rhea Côté Robbins

Museum in the Streets® 'down the Plains,' Waterville, Maine, the South End

A Good Eater
A blog about food, community, the environment, and living in place.
Laurie Meunier Graves

Cathie Pelletier, Author from Allagash, Maine

Le Québécois: The Virgin Forest and more books by Doris Provencher-Faucher

Nos Histoires de l'Ile, French Island, Maine

Maine Writers Index: Marguerite Yourcenar (8 June 1903 - 17 Dec. 1987)

Reprint by Françoise Paradis, Ed.D.

Lynn Plourde, Children's Book Author

Winners, Maryann Hartman Award:
1998 Maryann Hartman Award Winners including Lucy Poulin of H.O.M.E.
Madeleine Giguere--1997 Maryann Hartman Award Recipient
also on Lil Labbé: Winners 1991 Maryann Hartman Awards

Charlotte Michaud included as well as many other women:
Collections - MF 040 “Maine Women During the Depression and World War II” Project

Theses on Canada from University of Maine's Canadian American Center and Fogler Library

Women in Maine Paper Industry 1880 – 2006 / University of Maine
part of Research - Eastern Fine Paper Company Oral History Project

Franco American Studies/Études franco-américaines
See related story on:
Director/Directrice:  Susan Pinette, Ph.D.

UMaine Franco-American Centre
Virtual Franco-American Resources
The Franco Maine website, Maine French Communities
provided by the UMaine Franco-American Centre
Franco-American Oral Histories


La Vallée Supérieure da la Rivière Saint-Jean
la colonie de Madawaska
Dont le nom original est
au nord du comté d'Aroostook, Maine
au comtés de Madawaska et Victoria, Nouveau-Brunswick 
Une histoire des communautés et des peuples 

The Upper St. John River Valley 
The Madawaska Settlement 
Originally named
Northern Aroostook County, Maine
Madawaska & Victoria Counties, New Brunswick 
A history of the communities and people

Maine Acadian Culture

Maine Societies, Historical

The Records Room

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Tante Blanche 

Tante Blanche

Tante Blanche Museum (photos)

The Acadian Landing Site on the banks of the St. John River in Madawaska commemorates the first Acadian settlers in the Saint John Valley. The site is part of the Tante Blanche museum complex, which includes artifact displays, a one-room schoolhouse, and a house built with square-sawn logs more than 100 years ago. 

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Bouchard Family Farm

Acadian Village - Van Buren, Maine

Acadian Archives - UMFK

The River Review/La Revue rivière, University of Maine at Fort Kent

Photos from Wallagrass, ME

Tribal Pages site of Fran Michaud

Rhode Island

The Museum of Work and Culture, Located in Rhode Island

The Stigmatized Ecstatic of Woonsocket, R.I.: Marie Rose Ferron - "The Little Rose"

The Stigmatized Ecstatic of Woonsocket, R.I.: Marie Louise Bonier"

New Hampshire

Immigration and the Granite State

Great Links for Grace MetaliousBiographer of Grace Metalious--Emily Toth

New Hampshire Almanac

One Came Back Un Revenant, translation by Margaret Langford

Dr. Margaret S. Langford French/American Studies/Women's Studies, Keene State College

Franco-American Centre, Manchester, NH


"Word That's Heard"--Claudia Belleau, Artistic Director

The French Institute

Lowell National Historic Park


Gladys LeBlanc Clark: Weaving Cajun Tradition

Louisiana Folklife Center

Folklife in Louisiana

Artists Biographies

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve


French settlements in Illinois


French Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan

New York

Lynn Flewelling, Science Fiction Writer


Le Soleilde de la Floride




Welcome to Jubilee Airedales! Joyce Miller, Owner


Sadie Kendall author of The Crème Fraîche Cookbook

French Canadian Heritage Society of California


Cultures Bibliography, Cultures Timeline,and Kansas State Historical Society


French in Wisconsin

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Mémoire de Femmes

Les Femmes Française qui chantent and other musical/theatrical pages:

Michele Choiniere, "was born into a musical Franco-American family in northern Vermont..."

Patty Griffin, formerly of Old Town, Maine

Ann Savoy

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, featuring Ann Savoy singing

Chanterelle, "brings the audience into the heart of the New England's warm, lively French culture..."

Donna Hébert

Lil Labbé

Lucie LeBlanc Ouellette listed in the Franco-American Women's Directory

Rebecca Martin, "Rebecca left her native Rumford Point, Maine, behind and made the big move to New York City..."

In Memorium: Martha Pellerin Drury

Ida Roy-listed in the Franco-American Women's Directory

Lucie Therrien, "Nationally & internationally acclaimed..."

Josée Vachon, "Born in Quebec and raised in Maine..."

Mademoiselle, Voulez-Vous Danser?
Franco-American Music from the New England Borderlands 
Various Artists, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - SFW40116 1999

Emeline Michel

Susan Poulin, ..."selected by Portland Magazine as one of their 10 most intriguing people in Maine..."

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Huguenot Society

Notable women ancestors

Huguenot Torte

History of Huguenot Torte

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Acadian, Cajun, Creole, and more:
Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture

Folklife in Louisiana Web Site:
random search for the term "woman" brought up these two articles of many that are available

The Public and Private Domains of Cajun Women Musicians in Southwest Louisiana
By Lisa E. Richardson

"Keep Your Mind and Your Hands Busy:" Expressive Dimensions of the Lone Quilter"
By Susan Roach

Acadian & French Canadian Ancestral Home site of Lucie LeBlanc Consentino


Société Promotion Grand-Pré

CEA - Moncton University
Centre d'études acadiennes, Université de Moncton

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The Tourtière Connection:

My father's old French dictionary was printed in Montreal in the 1870's. It has three intriguing clues:: 
*"tourtiere": kitchen utensil which is used to bake the "tourtes" 
*"tourte": a kind of pastry filled with meat, fruits, etc. 
*"tourterelle":Ê a pigeon, smaller than the ordinary pigeon (In the mid-17th century, in late spring and early fall, hundreds of thousands of these "passenger pigeons" darkened the skies and filled the forests of northeastern North America during their seasonal migrations. Colonists shot and trapped them for their meat, eventually to extinction some time in the 1800's. 
--D. Provencher Faucher
There are many variations of the Tourtière and a search of the internet will lead to many of these recipes. 
Here is one version:


French Canadian Pea Soup


Canadian recipes with Québec additions

Franco-American Canned Gravy, discontinued brand

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Genealogical pages:

Maine Franco-American Genealogical Society

American - Canadian Genealogical Society

Franco-American Heritage Collection

The French-Canadian Genealogical Society of Connecticut

The Maine Genealogical Society

Maine Genealogical Societies

NE-DO-BA (Friends) The Abenaki of Western Maine

New England Historical Genealogical Society

The French Connection/Waterville

Maine USGenWeb Project

Aroostook County, Maine Genealogy

Acadian Genealogy Homepage

Acadian Cajun Genealogy

Canadian Genealogy and History Links

John P. DuLong's Home Page Acadian & French Canadian Genealogy

Paper Talks Magazine

New Orleans and Louisiana Heritage and Genealogy

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Books of other authors, cultures, places:

NEW! Maine A Sense of Place, Collected Maine Poems
featuring Franco-American women writers and many others!

Listservs to subscribe to:

Franco American discussion list <FRANCOAMERICA@LISTS.MAINE.EDU>
Hello folks, Here's the newly set-up listserv. Let folks know that we're up and running again! Susan
To subscribe email:  Susan Pinette <spinette@MAINE.EDU>

Franco-American Free Exchange Moving into the Millennium Listserv:
The FAFEMM-L, 1997-2004, Franco-American Free Exchange Moving into the Millennium is no longer in service.
Thank you, merci! For all the support, listeros!
Rhea Cote Robbins

PAR-L: The Canadian Electronic Feminist Network


LA LISTE NETFEMMES La première, c'est la liste d'envoi NetFemmes, c'est une liste destinée aux chercheuses et militantes féministes francophones, un espace où, comme sur PAR-L, nous pourrons partager nos expériences, nos connaissances, refléchir et collaborer ensemble. 
Listes de discussion

Principal outil de concertation du réseau NetFemmes, la liste s'adresse particulièrement aux militantes et aux chercheuses féministes. C'est un espace où les féministes peuvent partager leurs expériences, leurs connaissances, collaborer et réfléchir ensemble.

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