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Links, Links, Links...

Women Artists in Canada/Les femmes artistes au Canada:



I teach commercial French at UTMartin and, while I am both contemplating a course next semester on the professions and at the same time trying to reconstruct the "French lessons from Everywhere", I have gathered an unbeatable collection of commercial French courses and lessons. I garauuuuteee you, you'll never run out of material with these:



Le Francais des affaires et des professions au Quebec et en Amerique du

AATF Commission on French for Business and Economic Purposes

French 3053, Business French (UTSA)

Parlons affaires - initiation au francais economique et commercial (site
du manuel de classe)

Business French  Web-enhanced (University of WisconsinMadison)

Business French (Roxanne Lalande)

Business French (Elizabeth Martin, Fr. 319, 321, 385, 386)

Le Francais des Affaires 3104

Center for International Business Studies - Beginning Business French

Don't forget that Globe-Gate also hosts

Francophone Business News @ Globe-Gate


Cyberferme @ Globe-Gate (agrobusiness)

Francophone Banking and Financial Resources

French Business, Economics and Finance Dictionaries

This and an internship will do ya.


Bob Peckham
Director, The Globe-Gate Project
Dept. of Modern Foreign Languages
Univ. of Tennessee-Martin
Martin, TN  38238  USA

Food Activities

If you want to have a project with the kids that also integrates some technology, there is a site that I use frequently with my 7th Grade Exploratory class. It is on the Culturequest site, and it is easy to keep them contained onto useful Internet information.
The address is:
Hope this helps!

Lewis & Clark Middle School
Billings, MT 59102

Why not :

Ask them what their favourite foods are, and what they usually eat at home. Get them to check where the food-stuffs and recipes come from originally. Are any of them connected with France? 
Why French-fries?

Get hold of a French restaurant menu. Try, for example : 
- you will find other restaurant pages on LYCOS. Ask the students to see if there's anything they recognize (vrais amis existent). Then ask them to imagine holding a banquet in the restaurant. 
What would they order?

Look for recipes on the Web - try Bocuse on a search engine - and see if you can find any for the menu that you have chosen. 

You could also see if there's anything on Acadian food, which is reputed to be delicious.

Here is a site where I have many links to French music.

Marge Mandl
Henry Ford II High School
Sterling Heights, MI 48313

French vocabulary for Sports?

Hello, does anyone know of some good sites with some basic French vocabulary for Sports?  Looking for names of sports, links to French Sports news etc.

Try the "Terrain des Sports" du quartier français

All you could possibly need & more.  Enjoy.

More links to be added, and if you have some links you would like to share, please send them along to page compiler.  Merci en avance! 

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