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Here's a website with I LOVE YOU  in many languages:

Q:  We're doing storyboards in my Exploratory French class.  What is the French equivalent for "ha, ha"  (someone laughing)  Thanks.
R: "hi hi hi", c'est vraiment drole!

Pete, Ulli and Ruth are pleased to announce the launch of their new Valentines Day fun and games page for the French, German and Spanish class.

Here you will find: multiple choices, crossword puzzzles, word matches, cloze exercises, sentence scrambles, magic sentences, the five friends and word searches as well as a Valentines internet treasure hunt in all three languages.  And a page with close to 80 Valentine Day links in French, Spanish and English. 

The address of our page is:

We hope that these activities will be of use to you and your students.

Best wishes,

Pete Jones - Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Ulli Braunecker - Klagenfurt, Austria
Ruth Rideout, Beaverton, Ontario, Canada

Humour Wall

I'm thinking of making a display of some of the jokes and cartoons I have gathered to brighten the corridor outside my room. I'd like to do a poster with quotes from as many languages as possible. For English I have 'Many a true word spoken in jest' and for German 'Mann kann auch lachend ernsthaft sein.' But my mind has gone blank for French and Spanish. Any ideas? I'd welcome ones from other languages too, if you can give me a translation.

Museum of perception/online-exhibits/Spanish, Italian, French, English

The Exploratorium, a museum of art and perception, has interesting illusions and activities in four languagues at the following address:


I'm not sure about a jumpstart, but here's what I'm doing tomorrow: a MadLib.
For those of you not familiar with this, a Madlib is a series of sentences with words missing from them. Without showing them the text, I ask students to give me a : singular or plural noun, number, adjective, verb in (X) tense and (X) person ending, an adverb, a city, or whatever (in the target language, of course!!!). After they have listed the required words, I reveal that they have written....

New Years Resolutions!
These usually are quite humorous.
For first year students, we use the "I am going to...." form of verbs.
For second and third, the future tense...

1. I will _ (verb)___  to ____(city)___.
2. I will lose ___(number)__ kilos.
3. I will give ___(family member)__ a  ___noun__.
4. I will buy a ___ (noun)___ for ___(number)__ dollars.
5. I will be more ___(adjective)__ to __(friend's name)__.
6. I will try to be less __ (adjective)__ in class.
7. I will clean my __(noun)__ more often.
and so on.

Then, I ask them to use these and write some resolutions for me, OR I use the wonderful idea I got on this list (if I haven't already) and pass around a bowl of M&M's (Smarties) and have them take a handful....and then they owe me that many sentences in whatever tense (or on whatever topic) we happened to be on before break.

Hope this idea appeals to some of you!


Now that several people are talking about standards again, I get to gloat a bit, and remind all of those who have forgotten, that TFLTA and Globe-Gate have teamed up to bring you a virtual library (better than any physical collection) of national, regional, state and municipal standards and curriculum frameworks documents.  These are at the top of


which also includes a link to another important set of professional documents:

The Interagency Language Roundtable Scale

sporting connections to the ACTFL scales, General Second Official Language Qualifications  (Public Servce Commission of Canada guidelines), and the FRAMEWORK of the Association of Language Testers in Europe.

French Grammar Central

I weeded around 15 or 20 lead links (all from one source) out of our grammar site, and I put in a number of interactive exercises and grammar topic descriptions. There are now 305 grammar links, and the page is a regular grammar encyclopedia:

French Grammar Central

And more from Bob Peckham:

TF1 France livecam - index

nooSFere - LEncyclopedie francophone de la science -fiction


Ecyclopedie Collective Informatisee Multimedia (ECIM)

La papyrologie et l'lectronique

Le Code Napoleon - La femme placee sous tutelle

Minitel Multimedia

La Bourse de Paris

Caisse des Depots (France)

le chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte

Petite histoire de lalimentation -4- le moyen age (Mots et Mets n 5)

LA CUISINE AU MOYEN AGE (modernized text from pp. 32-34 of the Viandier)

Extrait du Journal d'un Bourgeois de Paris

Recettes medievales

Le Menagier De Paris (Food and cookerie)

Les  regions du Quebec

Les Regions administraves du Quebec


Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880)

Programme Flaubert (ENS Paris)

Gustave Flaubert (1821- 1880) [biographie en fichier audio]

Poetique et genetique de l'espace Herodias de Flaubert (these de doctorat
de Qian SUN)

Cegeps du Quebec - Le repertoire et coordonnees des Cegeps au Quebec

La Federation des Cageps du Quebec

Les Jardins du Quebec (map presentation)

Les rectifications de l'orthographe (1990)

Enseignement du franais (ecole)

Guide pour parents d'enfants hyperactifs

Thesaurus Personne handicapee

YAHOO! France - Enseignement specialise

Association Quebecoise pour les troubles d'apprentissage

La Casbah Alger

Gouvernrat du Grand Alger


Information pratique sur la Guadeloupe

Saint Claude Guadeloupe (Tourisme en France)

Tourisme Rimouski

FNAC Marseille



Bruxelles Online

Ajaccio, Corse

Savigny-sur-Orge (site officiel)

Bruxelles Online

Tourisme Rimouski

CCF-EURO entreprises

Lexique des sigles de la formation et de l'emploi

Lexique de la formation

Le Pont de Normandie


Tristan et Iseul (the end)

Tristan et Iseul - Les premiers paragraphes du roman

Gerald Seaman, "Literature and the Middle Time" (French medieval

Chretien de Troyes' Arthurian Romances

J'accuse, Emile ZOLA

Activites de franais (vocabulaire)

Activites ludiques et communicatives pour l'etude de la langue

Evaluation des principaux dommages des monuments en France

France Art de vivre

conditional  (with an irregular stem chart)

simple future: regular

simple future: irregular

futur anterieur

futur proche

Lingu@web French

Les 35 heures mises au Net

Site dhistoire medievale

Collectania : LE site du mobilier contemporain


Annales, Histoire, Sciences Sociales (tables of contents)

L'Homme - Revue franaise d'anthropologie

Brown University French Graduate Reading list

French 307

French 310

Plan de la ville de Montigny le Bretonneau

Conseil National des Economies Regionales

Atlas agricole du Quebec

Entreprises, Territoires et Developpement

Label France, No. 37, 10/99 (Les Femmes en France aujourd'hui) - Reseau national des Centres d'information sur les
Droits des Femmes

Admifrance (annuaries des sites gouvernementaux)

Velo Quebec

There are nearly 3000 km of this bike route in Quebec, permitting extensive cyclotourism.  The group should decide on either rental in Quebec or transport of bikes to Quebec.  They should decide on a departure city, and if not a question of a round trip, they should decide on how to get bikes back to the point of departure.  The route should have a town or stop density to permit a short immersion in each municipal culture.  The group could study each town on the web, study bicycle and travel vocabulary, and take a pledge to speak only French.  Upon entering each town, groups of students would go out to search for something they had studied before the trip and each student would be responsible for reporting in would be on the test, and each student would have to keep a French journal (perhaps with photos). Among the things they could write about: information to supplement the web sites, how the places they visited were like or different from what they saw on the web sites, the human dimension (residents they spoke with), the biking portion of the trip (hardships, joys), ...

The trip I sketched out using a portion of Quebec's route verte is not a language survival trip.  It has some of the same control mechanisms you would find in the classroom.  First of all, You should only take fit students.  The only thing about the cycling to be remembered should be the enjoyment of the exercise.  Second, you chose students with decent language skills, train them hard with bicycle vocabulary (perhaps several short immersion trips in close formation in the states.  You study all the towns you will pass through or near meticulously on the net.  Each group of students has an assignment particular to the knowledge about each town gained before the trip.  The goals in the encounter with each town are to use your French in confirming and going beyond this knowledge.  One of the end products of the trip would be to make an annotated web itinerary of the trip, using graphics, linking in town web sites, with an addition link to notes the class made about the town.  Another might be to make up ficticious tall tales in French about the adventure.  The trip would need attentive teacher supervision, plus parents who speak French.

Before students go, they could study bike saftey. Maybe they should become steady readers of

Velo Quebec

Here is the address again

La Route Verte (Velo-Quebec)

From TBob Peckham

Le francais des affaires

Action Sante

Challenges - Quotidien

Air Outre Mer (AOM)

Air Liberte

Association pour l'emploi des cadres (APEC)

YAHOO! France - biologie

YAHOO! France - geographie

YAHOO! France - Psychologie

YAHOO! France - Enseignement et formation

YAHOO! France - Commerce et economie

Association des Transporteurs Europeens

CIF - Annuaire (agents de fret, groupeurs, transporteurs...)

Web Transport


Studying Psychology in France (en francais)

VTT lexique

PlanetsSport Vtt - lexique

Velo Quebec

Cybevasion - Hotels, Paris

Le Parchemin

Paul Bocuse

Bernard de Ventadorn

Bocuse d'Or

LAn 2000 - site officiel pour la celebration du 3ieme millinaire


Bob Peckham
Director, The Globe-Gate Project
Dept. of Modern Foreign Languages
Univ. of Tennessee-Martin
Martin, TN  38238  USA

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