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children's story, realia,

By Rhea J. Côté Robbins, author of Wednesday's Child

Editor of Canuck and Other Stories

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cross-hatch of a single mitten drawing


Spider Super Highway
A children's story

Franco-American Women's Literary Tradition:  A Central Piece in the Region's Literary Mosaic 

Presented by Rhea Côté Robbins 
at the Colloque: Cultural Identity in French America:  Legacy, Evolution and the Challenges of Renewal, May 1996, Bar Harbor, Maine
Published, River Review/Revue Rivière, number/numéro 5, 1999, ©All rights reserved

Poetry The Epistle to the Franco-Americans
tourtière mémère The Women's Pastoral
All The Colors Bleed Into One*
He Always Insisted I 'Smile, face lette'* 
A Eulogy 
Robert Timothy Côté 
May 4, 1949--November 29, 1990 
Self-Esteem and the Kitchen Stove

"lost my french" 
Google Search in Seven easy pages search, two "made" poems
Women Speaks French and Saves Son: Or What Do You Have Hiding In Your Back Pocket?
Google Search retrouvés Where To Get Your Best Tattoos and 
How To Buy Fresh, Parisian French Accents In A Can
"Here comes Dad, get out of his chair."
Final Inspection
Hathaway Shirt Factory
Waterville, Maine 
Accommodation--Who Imparts to Whom? Institutional Hijacking of Cultural Characteristics or 
The Capulet and Montague of Being a Franco-American in Fair Sinclair, Maine
Sweat Shop Girls
Hathaway Shirt Factory
Waterville, Maine
The Poem of a Colloque--Bar Harbor
Cultural Identity in French America:  Legacy, Evolution and the Challenges of Renewal
Apples and Potatoes One Child Born In This World To Carry On
Intro:  Grace Metalious and family/neighborhood politics
Grace Metalious' Dirty Dishes
July 2, 1991
The War In The Gulf The "Q"
The Mill Worker Arises The Dump Pickers--Me and My Dad, Or a Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To Marden's
Maria n'achapper* pas de laine/did not give up the farm/ferme/fermer.
Ce que j'ai appris de livre maria chapdelaine par louis hémon
A modern women's reading of the happy husband hunter's guide
Une lecture de femmes modernes du guide du chasseuse heureuse de mari

Bayou Prestigious Meeting

Here was a poem...

Writings for The Feminist Times:

Seneca Falls, 150 Years Later--A Reading 
Charleston Correctional Facility, Charleston, Maine
Feminist Times, Belfast, Me., June 1998

Christina's World
Feminist Times, Belfast, Me., November 1997

The Reading Of Marge Piercy's City of Darkness, City of Light From the Perspective of a Franco-American Woman
Feminist Times, Belfast, Me., October 1997

Franco-American Women's Studies: A Privilege Shared
Feminist Times, Belfast, Me., May 1997

Who Owns a Culture's Expression of Itself?
Feminist Times, Belfast, Me., June 1997

The Franco-American Women's Voices
Feminist Times, Belfast, Me., February/March 1997

To Hyphenate or not to Hyphenate: The Postcolonialism of Franco-American Writing
Feminist Times, Belfast, Me., April 1997

Franco-American Women's Studies
Feminist Times, Belfast, Me., July/August 1997
Women in Politics
M.C. Smith and L.Cormier in Politics on Time 
Graphic essay 

The Lewiston Factory Girl
Film by Rhea Côté Robbins 
Paris, France
combined with Lewiston Factory Girl song
by Ethan Miller

A Bombing Happened in the Franco-American Culture
Presentation given at the Maine Women's Studies Conference, Plenary Panel 
November 18, 2000 
The 26th of May, 1927 & 1960
First Communion
Culture for Sale.
Muriel Ragsdale...artist who influenced many...  Dans les plains
Spiritual Bouquets July 2, 1991

Wallagrass Public Schools, Diploma, 23rd of June, 1933 More to come!
Le Don de Dieu sur le fleuve de Penobscot
Memere/maman's recipe for tourtiere
My Art Influenced by Muriel Ragsdale
Maman Disait Proverbs in French

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