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Grace de Repentigny Metalious, (1924- 1964)

Grace Metalious author of
Peyton Place, 1956;
Return to Peyton Place, 1959;
The Tight White Collar, 1960;
No Adam In Eden, 1963.
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Author of
Wednesday's Child

E. Annie Proulx 
says of Wednesday's Child:
"Rhea Côté Robbins' Wednesday's Child is beautiful stuff, a defiant and poignant memoir that transcends the personal. It is an important book not only for its immediate content, for the experience of life within its covers, but because it gives us a glimpse of the almost unmined Golconda of literary source material in Franco-American lives."

To FULLY understand Grace and her writings
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Franco-American Women's Literary Tradition

Grace Metalious Bobblehead

Grace Metalious Bobblehead

Grace Metalious, née Marie Grace de Repentigny (1924­1964), a Manchester, N.H., native, was best known for her racy novel "Peyton Place" (1956), one of the most widely read novels ever published. Metalious portrayed the dark secrets of a small New England town, apparently basing her story on her experiences in Gilmanton, Laconia, and Alton, N.H. The SocietyŐs bobblehead is fashioned after a photograph taken by Larry Smith of Metalious at her typewriter dressed in her characteristic blue jeans, flannel shirt, sneakers, and pony tail. The photograph became known as ŇPandora in Blue JeansÓ and was the publicŐs first image of the controversial new author. PLEASE NOTE: $1 additional shipping cost will be added to each bobblehead shipped outside of New England. SPECIAL: Get 10% off when you buy the bobblehead and the book "Peyton Place" (regularly $17.95).
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"Peyton Place" author now a bobblehead (Grace Metalious, née de Repentigny)

"Peyton Place Turns 50
The tragic truth about the original desperate housewife"
by Michael Callahan
March 2006

Smith Meeting House Cemetery 
Gilmanton, NH 
Resting place of
Grace de Repetigny Metalious
The Real Story of a Notorious Novelist, NHPR
By John Walters on Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Grace Metalious' Anniversary
By John Walters on Friday, September 10, 2004

Food Diva Ruth Reichl / Peyton Place Revisited / Bill Kristol
By Shay Zeller on Friday, February 24, 2006

Granite State Stories: "Peyton Place"
By Laura Knoy on Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Granite State Stories: Peyton Place
By Laura Knoy on Friday, June 8, 2007

StoryLines New England, Program 7: Peyton Place and Study Guides
Online course: Franco-American Women's Literary Tradition

new film based on Emily Toth's  biography 
on the author, Metalious, of Peyton Place, due 2006
Writing credits:  Naomi Foner 
Sandra Bullock as Grace Metalious
Sandra Bullock, Producer


BANTAM BOOKS, INC. v. SULLIVAN, 372 U.S. 58 (1963) 

Ralph McCoy's Freedom of Press
[search on page for "Peyton"]
Beattie, A. M., and Frank A. Underhill. "Sense and Censorship: On Behalf of Peyton Place."  Canadian Library Association Bulletin, 15:9-16, July 1958. B135
Text of the testimony of a professor of English and a former professor of history in behalf of Peyton Place at a hearing before the Canadian Tariff Board. The Board handed down a majority ruling which permitted the entry of the book into Canada. The statements give "a distinction between obscenity and realism in literature and an interpretation of modern fiction." 
Pearce, Lillian. "Book Selection and Peyton Place." Library Journal, 83:712-13, 1 March 1958.  P75. 
Article concerns a letter written by Margaret Cole of Queens Borough Public Library in reply to a letter objecting to the inclusion of Peyton Place in one of the branch libraries. The letter was written to clarify and explain the book selection policies of the library. 

Congressional Record - 97th Congress - Vol. 127 No. 123 p1

The Honorable"Mentions"

The Writer's Almanac, Garrison Keillor and this site noted each year on Grace's birthday, September 8th, the 2003 archive

CHS Hall of Fame, Manchester NH Highschool, 1997 Inductees, Marie Grace deRepentigny Metalious listed.

Women in Time, Grace Metalious listed

New York Times, Time Capsule, "Words," John Waters' pick:  Peyton Place
(to view complete Time Capsule)

List of First Lines

Books of the Century, New York Public Library 

Popular Culture: Videotapes in the Media Resources Center UC Berkeley

Index for Ralph McCoy's Freedom of Press

New Hampshire Almanac -- Famous New Hampshirites

Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire

The complete list of titles in The New York Public Library's Books of the Century

Creative Quotations, search with "Metalious"

1964 TV  Peyton Place

Peyton Place guide at TV Tome

PEYTON PLACE--U.S. Serial Melodrama

Famous First Lines

Site in Germany which lists Grace's death, Hausfrau und Mutter...

Rave Reviews, Bestsellers: Beyond the Book, At the Movies
Peyton Place

@Harlequin, Doreen Roberts, Fav book, Peyton Place

not coming to a theatre near you, review:  Peyton Place

New Found Love For Grace 

(and possibly, for some, the Old Tired Stereotypes)


Peyton Place Page--You Are Now Entering Peyton Place

Welcome to Peyton Place

bad dirt/salon
bad dirt/salon, PRINT VERSION

NH 100: Metalious's Peyton Place was controversial, popular, Saturday, Concord Monitor, March 27, 1999

Love, Friendship, Remembrance, Peyton Place on DVD Puts Time in a Bottle, Drink up!
By Matthew Kennedy

John Waters on NPR
Filed under: John Waters
There's a wonderful interview of John Waters by Terry Gross of NPR that you can listen to online. Waters talks about some of his early influences—Grace Metalious's Peyton Place was one—and he recounts his earliest exposure to sex films at Baltimore's Rex Theatre. (The Rex isn't showing smut anymore: the building now happens to house the Mt. Calvary Holy Church.) As always, Waters is in excellent form and if you have a few minutes today, it's well worth a listen.
Trash Talking: Director John Waters [NPR]
The above on Waters taken from:  A Dirty Shame

The Feminist Chronicles

Time archives, Oct. 24, 1960, "Grace remarried..."

Famous Creative Women

The History and Timelines


Maryville Tennessee History 1955-1995


History Channel dissects decade of 'The Fifties'

Baby Boom Year: 1956

New Hampshire Almanac -- Famous New Hampshirites

1950s Bestsellers

Baby Boomer Homepage-Culture

Legacy III: I Remember Grace Metalious
By Lynne Snierson

Bay Top Motel, Laconia New Hampshire
once owned by Grace Metalious 

T.J. Martin, "The New Haven Register" reported his death ... (dead link as well...) 

Peyton Place Page

Peyton Place, The Next Generation
a made-for-tv movie 

Peyton Place UK

Peyton Place (serial drama)
ABC Primetime, 1964 - 1969; as "Peyton Place";
ABC Daytime,   1972 - 1974; as "Return To Peyton Place"

Gilmanton, NH

The Classic TV Archive - US Drama Series
Peyton Place 
Episode Guide - version 4.0  November 2004
compiled by
The Classic TV Archive

The Scholars/Essayists/Cheat Sheets

LSU Department of English: Faculty Pages--Professors, Emily Toth

How to Write a Damn Good Novel, Chapter One, By James N. Frey WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT IS "WHO" WHAT'S THE WHO? [Grace's writing used as an example.] 

Louisiana Authors: Toth
New release of Inside Peyton Place by University Press of Mississippi

help I need a biography: I'm writing a paper on controversial novels of the 50's and I need help finding some biographies of authors. JD 

Peyton Place (1957) IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

Secrets, Lies, and "Bag of Bones" 
By Stephen King 

anagram puzzles author-ized anagrams

Nice girls don't wear Cha-Cha Heels!" by Leigh Rutledge
Camp aficionados rejoice! Screenwriters may want to leave the room. Nice Girls Don’t Wear Cha Cha Heels! by Leigh Rutledge is an encyclopedic collection of the most unforgettably campy lines from some of the best and worst films of all time. 

Grace Metalious: Biographical Information
From Emily Toth, Inside Peyton Place: The Life of Grace Metalious (1981/2000) 

A Novelist and Her Ethnicity: Grace Metalious as a Franco-American .pdf file
By Richard S. Sorrell

Franco-American Women's Literary Tradition, River Review/Revue Rivière, number/numéro 5, 1999
Rhea Cote Robbins

The Fifties by David Halberstam

Introduction: Geographic Writing, Mayville State University, Geography and Politics Notes

Plus ca change...

Clean Sheets Erotica Magazine, Here I Come, Leather or Knot
By William Dean 

No Adam in Eden | Characters, @ enotes

Peyton Place | Characters, @ enotes 

BookragsBookrags study guides: Peyton Place by Grace Metalious

BookragsBookrags study guides: Tight White Collar by Grace Metalious

BookragsBookrags study guides: No Adam in Eden by Grace Metalious

The Strange/Fun Connection

Map of the Heavens, Positions of Planets, 
Astrological Birth Chart of 
born September, 8 1924 9:30 AM in Manchester (NH) (USA)
Sun in 15°38 Virgo, AS in 3°31 Scorpio,
Moon in 15°16 Capricorn, MC in 10°57 Leo

Dead skunk in the middle-a-the road

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September Birthdays of the Famous & Infamous - Celebrity Horoscopes

Special Report: Clinton Accused

find-a-grave by state, new hampshire

Trash Fiction

Name base org

For Sale

Inside Peyton Place: The Life of Grace Metalious

Peyton Place, the book

Peyton Place, DVD

Peyton Place, VHS

Return to Peyton Place & Peyton Place, Hardcover

Return to Peyton Place, VHS

Return to Peyton Place, DVD

Info on The Tight White Collar below.

No Adam In Eden, Used

The Girl From Peyton Place: a Biography of Grace Metalious,
By George Metalious, first husband of Grace

Wednesday's Child, told in the spirit of defiant story telling.

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Videos of Life in New England

Peyton Place, free essay

Tight White Collar by Grace Metalious
Study Guide

The Tight White Collar
by Metalious, Grace, sold on

Other Franco-American Women Writers

Slide Show of Franco-American Women Writers and Editors
including Grace Metalious 

Wednesday's Child,  Maine Chapbook Award Winner, in the tradition of Peyton Place
by Rhea Côté Robbins 

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