Searching Syntax: Unique Intricate Simplicity, by Nancy L. Sirois


About the Author

I wrote Searching Syntax and attended and completed three semesters at University of Maine at Fort Kent. In this course of study I completed two English Composition I and English Composition II. During these three semesters I completed with a concentration in Behavioral Sciences along with other courses of study. I achieved perfection in poetry evaluation.

As a member of the Writerís Guild Of America I published in the United States. My poems are renown internationally with two different publishing companies and one solely renown in the USA.

These poems are still my property and they are copyrighted. The poem "Belief" was published in the book Changing Times by Poetry Unlimited, Mt. Pleasant, Texas. "Where Are The Wise" was published in the book Chasing Rainbows And Ribbons by Creative Arts and Sciences Enterprises, Painted Post, New York, and that went internationally. The two poems "Together" and "Peace" were published by World Of Poetry, Sacramento, California. I received Honorary Mention for both. I received accomplishment Of Merit, and Selective Readings for "Where Are The Wise."

I am currently working on my new manuscript. When it is completed it might be poetic style or essay manifesting into non-fiction statistics.



Aggressing through successful patterned alleviated channel
discover successful joy reaping self-esteem message given through self-control
Assertive venture adventurous delight challenging kindness
toward goal providing reins resulting certain consideration kindling tangible love.


Union clinging birds feather political uprising credit beyond calling cry
Political regime inclination pure discreet simplicity seeking reaping flowers
Maintaining equal sets interpretation beyond spontaneous forceful natural cause
Parallel response scientific quality multiple responsible reminding quantity plea.

-Winner of World of Poetry poetry contest.


Supplicating tedious struggle message interpreted by light particular enlightenment
Treasured mellow sharp illuminating concrete touchable achievement by enchantment
Appropriate branching developed simultaneous tangible spontaneous accomplishment
Repeatedly following rich accredited quality inspired through love and work.
Pleased by success mind''s abstract hand rapidly joining growth of the universe.


Emotional feedback emotional feelings
withdrawing flowing natural tendencies compatible compassion
rational discrepancy manifested vital feedback positive reinforcement
inclination stimulated mental ability capability
reinforced positive material production induced self-preservation.

About the Book

There is hope that this book will reach the reader. In event, to benefit the readerís thinking and actions and to better humankind. The contents of these poems are enriching. This book will enable the reader to have a better lifestyle. Searching Syntax is a positive book consisting of positive poems.

This beautiful book of poems also includes wonderful nature. This is relative to attempt to assist the reader to the awareness of ecological conservation. Both the sky and the earth are depicted correspondingly.

Intrinsic motivation as well as extrinsic motivation will be instilled as the reader reads each positive poem. In the aftermath, this will create avenues to a successful person, for a better America altogether and a better world. Further more, this is expressed explicitly within the contents of the bookís structure.

Searching Syntax will enlighten awaken spiritually. This will provide the reader with growth. The book will enhance its reader and help he or she to have a positive mind. Fulfillment will be achieved after the reader completes and applies the book to oneís adaptive lifestyle. In response, the readerís status quo will benefit. One segment in addition with the improvement of multiple readers will affect positively, people worldwide.

To reach the author:
Nancy L. Sirois Pelletier
24 First St., Apt. #3
Bangor, Maine  04401
Telephone:  207-947-8394
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