A Sense of Place, Collected Maine Poems
Editors: Lillian B. Kennedy, Alice N. Persons, Nancy A. Henry

Longfellow Bookstore (Monument Square, Portland) describes 
A Sense of Place, Collected Maine Poems as "a grand contribution to the poetic superiority of our fine state."

A Sense of Place, Collected Maine Poems is available for distribution. 
Due to the heavy volume of sales, please email the editors for more information about ordering a copy, contact:

Poets included are: Dennis Camire, Edith Cheitman, Robert Chute, H. R. Coursen,  David Llewellyn Davis, Annie Farnsworth, Mary Freeman, Nancy A. Henry, Lillian Baker Kennedy, Brooke Lawsing, Russell Libby, Michael Macklin, Peter Manuel, Jim Mello, Robin Merrill, Sherri L. Mitchell, e.w. oestreich, Susann Pelletier, Alice N. Persons, Joyce Pye, Pat Ranzoni, Rhea Côté Robbins, Janet Smith, Sarah Sousa, Eleanor Brown Steele, Jeri Theriault, Mariana S. Tupper, Lewis Turco. 

Poems are organized by place from Wells to Bar Harbor, see contents below. The book is available from Longfellow Books in Portland and Mr. Paperback in Lewiston.


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