The Franco-American Women's Institute ( celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2016.

Call for creative works--written, art, photography, craft!

Working title: Inspired, Inspiring, Inspire--French Heritage Women Create!

The Franco-American Women's Institute ( celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2016. The Franco-American Women's Institute promotes the contributions of the French heritage women's lives--past, present and future through its online presence and publishing their creativity. For FAWI's 20th Anniversary, an anthology was published of written works and visual arts to mark the present, active, creative lives of the women of the French heritage culture.

Now Closed: This call for creativity looks towards the future as creating a legacy of the French heritage women, who they are, and what they want to convey about their lives in the present and future. This anthology will incorporate the lives of the women who make up this cultural heritage published in print and it will offer to the present and future generations a vivid compilation of voices and visuals to express modern-day, French heritage women and their creative works. The anthology will build bridges of insight and understanding for all who will read and view the works.

This call for written/visual works seeks materials that are inclusive, encompassing, energetic and exemplary--realistic, fresh and mindful of how far we have come in our voices and visions as French heritage women. Prose, poetry, song, artworks, photographs--will be open to interpretation by you, the women, in order to focus on the broad subject areas of women's lives and to fully include and illustrate the women's lives. What are our legacies that we wish to pass onto the subsequent generations about who we are as a community of women? This is our opportunity to present our modern-day selves in a body of work that reflects our lives. Please consider submitting to this anthology.

Who can submit: Women of French heritage, Franco-American, Québécois, Acadian, Metis, Mixed Blood, French Canadian, 'Cajun, Creole and Huguenot are invited to submit. This anthology will be a volume compiled of the womenís voices who are of the culture/heritage.

Works sought:

Prose, essay, fiction, creative non-fiction, memoir, 5,000 word limit

Poetry, 3 poems, or 1 long, 72 lines limit

Artworks, able to be scanned, 81/2 x 11 inches, limit

Photographs, able to be scanned, 81/2 x 11 inches, limit

Crafts represented by images, able to be scanned, 81/2 x 11 inches, limit

Submit works online to

Send written works as a .doc or .docx. only

Send images as .jpg with an artistís statement accompanying all images

Submit a brief biographyó--elling the reader who you are and about your heritage background.

Deadline for submission: May 30th 2015

If you have any questions about the submission process or ideas for a submission, do not hesitate to contact me via email

Thank you.  

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Rhea Cote Robbins, M.A.

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Author of 'down the Plains,' & Wednesday's Child

Edited Canuck and Other Stories

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Director of: Franco-American Women's Institute


Canuck and Other Stories

Rhea Cote Robbins, Editor

Canuck, by Camille Lessard Bissonnette, (1883-1970),

translated by Sue Huseman, Ph.D. and Sylvie Charron, Ph.D.

La Jeune Franco-AmÈricaine, The Young Franco-American

by Alberte Gastonguay, (1906-1978),

translated by Madeleine C. ParÈ Roy

Françaises d'Amérique, Frenchwomen of North America

by Corinne Rocheleau Rouleau, (1881-1963),

translated by Jeannine Bacon Roy

Director of: Franco-American Women's Institute

Established 1996

2017 is the 21st Anniversary of FAWI!