Jingle of Coins
By C. D. Ledbetter

Carla Ledbetter writes as C. D. Ledbetter
Publisher:  DLSIJ Press  (they publish novels written by women!)

Two previously published novels

    Blue Moon
    Breaking the Chain

Contributing author to 3 short story anthologies:

    Insomniac Tales

Third novel, JINGLE OF COINS is scheduled to be released by DLSIJ Press in e-book format, then hopefully in trade size paperback format.

I am married, 28 years. One child, one dog, two cats!  And, at age 50, I am fulfilling a promise I made to myself 30 years ago--to  finish my college degree.  My only child graduated from college 1 year ago,  and the next month, I became a full-time college student!  Thus far, I have  managed a 4.0 GPA, with a full-time class load.  My degree will be in  Rhetoric, with a minor in English.
 I am currently working on my fifth novel, which will be another suspense   romantic suspense story.  My hobbies are stained glass painting, reading,  traveling to plantation homes in Louisiana, and gathering information on  customs and cultures of Louisiana natives.
 I am also attaching, for you, as a thank-you for all you have done for me, a  copy of Jingle of Coins, which will go on sale next week!  It is a PDF file,  and you need to read it in Adobe Acrobat. If you need a different file type,  please let me know!  It is, of course, free of charge.
 As I stated before, Jingle of Coins is about a woman who discovers, to her  amazement, that she has the ability to walk into any casino and tell which  slot machine is going to pay out. (I did lots of research for this book and  can verify that, unfortunately, I DO NOT have her ability **GRIN**)
 After verifying that she does, indeed, have this "talent" Emily decides to  move to Vegas to capitalize on her ability before it disappears.  On paper,  her plan looked terrific -- move to Vegas, hit a slot machine jackpot in  every single casino, then leave.  In actuality, however, what she got was:
- a dead neighbor on her doorstep 
- an attraction to a man she's not quite sure she can trust 
- involvement in a Secret Service investigation 
- a contract put out on her life
 Emily's determination to see her plan through and win the biggest slot  machine jackpot ever offered takes her down a path with only two possible  outcomes:  more money that she ever dreamed possible, or death by a hit  man's bullet!
 Thank you again for all you have done for me.  the url for my publisher's  announcement for Jingle of Coins is:
 Carla Ledbetter