From Textures, to Textiles, To Texts
Franco-American Women’s Literary Tradition
Rhea Côté Robbins
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Panel One:
Row 1, Left to right
1st section
Spinning Tales
2nd section
Quilt as Text
3rd section
Les filles du Roi
Yves Landry
Les filles de joie ou filles du Roi
Gustave Lanctot
4th section
Women Mystics Confront the Modern World
Marie of the Incarnation
Row 2, Left to right
1st section
Quebec Women: A History; Clio Collective
Early settlers, Nuns, Filles du Roi, Women Heroes
2nd section
Madeleine de Verchères
1692, Narrative of the Heroic Deeds of Madeleine de Verchères
3rd section
Hathaway Shirt Factory mill workers
4th section
Child Labor Reform Stamp
"This postage stamp bears a picture of a little girl named Addie Laird
KKK marches in Brewer, Milo, Dexter, Maine in the 1920s
Row 3, Left to right
1st section
Le petit Canada
2nd section
The Unveiling of "La Dame de Notre Renaissance Française" NH 
The mills of Manchester's Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
3rd section
Tante Blanche
"Tante Blanche" Museum, Madawaska, Maine
and other stories from the St. John Valley, Northern Maine
Acadian Hard Times
Old Women's Wisdom
4th section
Map, 1667

Panel Two:
Row 1, Left to right:
1st section
French Women of North America
Françaises d'Amérique
Jeannine Bacon Roy, Translator
Corinne Rocheleau Rouleau, author (1881-1963)
2nd section
La Huronne-A Huron 
Madame Hébert et sa fille Guillemette 
Mrs. Louis Hébert and Guillemette, her daughter 
3rd section 
Hélène de Champlain 
Mrs. Samuel de Champlain 
Madame de la Peltrie 
Mrs. de la Peltrie 
Madame de la Tour 
Mrs. de la Tour 
Jeanne Mance 
4th section
Madame de Lalande et Madame Jolliet 
Mrs. de Lalande and Mrs. Jolliet 
Madeleine de Verchères 
Jeanne Le Ber 
Madame de la Mothe-Cadillac
Row 2, Left to right:
1st section
Maps, 1713 & 1763
2nd section
Madeleine de Verchères, Filles du Roi
La Littérature Française de Nouvelle-Angleterre, Sœur Mary-Carmel THERRIAULT
3rd section
Maps, 1774 & 1784
4th section
Jeanne la Fileuse, Honore Beaugrand
L.Innocente Victime, Adélard Lambert
Row 3, Left to right:
1st section
Maps, 1791& 1809
2nd section
Emma Dumas, (1857-1926)
Les Deux Testaments
Anna Duval-Thibault (1862-1951)
3rd section
One Came Back, Translated by Margaret Langford
La Jeune Franco-Américaine, Alberte Gastonguay, (1906-1978)
4th section
Canuck, Camille Lessard Bissonnette, (1883-1970)
Le Messager, Lewiston Maine
Camille Lessard Bissonnette: The Quiet Evolution of French-Canadian Immigrants in New England, Janet L. Shideler
Panel Three:
Row 1, Left to right:
1st section
National and International
Canuck, Camille Lessard Bissonnette, (1883-1970) 
Sylvie Charron, Ph.d.
Sue Huseman, Ph.d., Translators
2nd section
Evangeline, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Longfellow House, Portland, ME
Evangeline, Grand Pré, Nova Scotia
3rd section
Kate Chopin
Unveiling Kate Chopin, Emily Toth
Gumbo Ya Ya Louisiana Folk Tales
Books & Short Stories by Kate Chopin
4th section
Willa Cather, Shadows on the Rocks
Rachel Carson, Calico Bush
Row 2
1st section
Pélagie & La Sagouine, Antonine Maillet
2nd section
Gabrielle Roy, The Tin Flute
Anne Hébert, Kamouraska & Selected Poems
3rd section
Grace de Repentigny Metalious, (1924- 1964), Peyton Place
4th section
Return to Peyton Place 
The Tight White Collar 
Row 3
1st section
No Adam In Eden
Emily Toth, Inside Peyton Place
2nd section
Grace de Repentigny Metalious
Peyton Place
Return to Peyton Place
Inside Peyton Place
Inside Peyton Place, reprint
Peyton Place, reprint
Books of the Century, NYPublic Library, listing Peyton Place
3rd section
The Girl From Peyton Place by George Metalious and June O'Shea
Smith Meeting House Cemetery 
Gilmanton, NH 
Resting place of 
Grace de Repetigny Metalious
4th section
E. Annie Proulx
Heart Songs and Other Stories (1988)
Postcards (1992), Pen/Faulkner Award Winner 
The Shipping News (1993) National Book Award Winner, Pulitzer Prize Winner 
Accordion Crimes (1996)
Close Range (1999), Willa Award
That Old Ace in the Hole (December 2002)
Panel Four:
Row 1, Left to right:
1st section
Claire Quintal, La Femme Franco-Américaine, Steeples and Smokestacks, The Little Canadas of New England
2nd section
K. C. McKinnon, Candles on Bay Street
Lee Nadeau Single, Annette The Story of a Pioneer Woman
3rd section
Rhea Cote Robbins, Wednesday’s Child
Jeri Theriault, Corn Dance
4th section
Amy Morin, Nos Histoires de l’Ile :  History and Memories of French Island, Old Town, Maine
Baked Bean Supper Murders, Virginia Rich
Julien Olivier, D'la boucane : une introduction au folklore Franco-américain de la Nouvelle-Angleterre
Row 2
1st section
Alice Lemieux-Lévesque, (1906-1983) 
Livres de poésie:  "Les herures effeuillées," "Silences," et "L'arbre du jour"
April, Susan, Paul Brouillette, Paul Marion, and Marie Louise St. Onge. French Class:  French Canadian-American     Writings on Identity, Culture and Place
Lives in translation : an anthology of contemporary Franco-American writings
2nd section
Connie Voisine, Cathedral of the North
Gabrielle Leboeuf  Caffee,  La Canadienne :  Memoires of a Vanishing Culture.
3rd section
Lynn Flewelling, First in the Tamir Trilogy
Le Québécois: The Virgin Forest 
by Doris Provencher-Faucher
4th section
Comics, Lorraine St. Pierre
Susan Poulin, Franco Fry or Pardon My French, In My Head I'm Thin, Ida: Woman Who Runs With the Moose, Spousal Deafness...and Other Bones of Contention
Row 3
1st section
Nothing Went To Waste In Grandmother’s Kitchen
Rien N’Etait Gaspille dans la cuisine de ma grand-mère, Betty A. Lausier Lindsay
Nos Histoires de l’Ile, livre de cuisine
Reunion Familes Favorite Recipes
2nd section
Marie Thérèse Beaudet Martin, My Grandmother’s Face/La Visage de ma Grandmérè
Lanette Landry Petrie, My Mother’s Walls
3rd section
Je suis franco-américaine et fière de l'être/I am Franco-American and proud of it : an anthology of writings of Franco-American women, Robbins, Rhea Côté, Petrie, Lanette Landry, Langellier, Kristin , Slott, Kathryn ,
Gene Perreault, Memories Grow On Trees/L’Arbre des Mémoires
4th section
Edith Starrett Masse's Work Roles: On the Farm and at Home
A Narrative Study of Her Diaries 1942-1945
By Suzette Lalime Davidson
Celeste P. DeRoche, 1960-,"These lines of my life" Franco-American women in Westbrook, Maine, the intersection of ethnicity and gender 1884-1984.
Panel Five:
Row 1, Left to right:
1st section
Margaret Chase Smith, Declaration of Conscience
2nd section
Margaret Chase Smith’s
Franco-American Heritage
3rd section
Journalism, Then
Yvonne Le Maître  (1876-1954) 
Journaliste: L'Etoile, Courier-Citizen, Le Clairon
Charlotte Michaud, Le Messager 
Article on Alice Lemieux-Lévesque in Le Bulletin de la FFF-A, Federation Feminine Franco-Americaine
4th section
Journalism Now
Lisa Michaud, Le FORUM
Susan Pinette, Ph.d., Director of the Franco-American Studies Program
l to r, t to b, Susan Gagnon James, Lisa Michaud, 
Kim Chase,
Susan Pinette, Lucie Thibodeau, Don Levesque, Judy Paradis, Adrienne Pelletier LePage
Row 2
1st section
Today's femmes aujourd'hui
top row, Trudy Chambers Price, Dawn Gagnon, Geraldine Chassé, Juliana L'Heureux, Leslie Choquette, Ph.D., 2nd row, Virginia Lausier, Ph.D., Laurie Graves, Paula Raymond, Maureen Perry, 3rd row, Linda Gerard Der Simonian, Sylvanne Pontin, Eloise Briere, Ph.D.
2nd section
FAWI, Franco-American Women's Institute
3rd section
creative writings, ezine
moé pi toé, you and me
Wolf Moon Press
4th section
Femmes qui chantant
top row, La Bolduc, Martha Pellerin Drury, Donna Hébert, Lucie Therrien, Josée Vachon, middle, Rebecca Martin, bottom row, Lil Labbé, Chanterelle, (4th section) Patty Griffin
Row 3
1st section
Franco-American Music Traditions
Florence Rose Martin
Ida Bourgoin Roy
Connie Cote Lambert
Jackie King
2nd section
Jane Smith, NSF Grant, NSF Grant Awarded to Dr. Jane Smith
North American French focus of study
Three Maine communities among eight to be researched
Anita Poulin with Gerard Robichaud
Madeleine Giguere, author of Census Statistics for the State of Maine 1990 Census
3rd section
Traditions d'Icite
Lisa Ornstein, Acadian Archives/Archives acadienne
4th section