The Haitian Diaries
of Ben & Jana
volunteering for
The Xaverian Brothers
Hinche, Haiti,
and partnering with
Maison Fortuné Orphanage

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*2-23-04 Update:  Ben and Jana came home today...
Update from them on 2/23/04
3/12/04: On a train, going to Baltimore
3/16/04: On a plane, returning to Seattle, please contact them there.
Thank you to all who have shown so much kindnesses.
Final Update, coming home, March 17th, 2004

Volunteer Ministries in Haiti

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Baltimore, The Commissioning, August 16/le 16 août, 2003
The Haitian Diaries, Un, Port-aux-Prince, late August/août--early Septemeber/septembre 2003

...our first days in PAP


Haitian Food

The American Lunch

Going to the Movies

The Haitian Diaries, Deux, September/septembre 2003, Pandiassou
Our House
Our New Pet, September 27, 2003
Living Things In and Around Our House, September 30, 2003
Our Surroundings, September 30, 2003
First Few Days at the Orphanage, September 30, 2003
Birthday Buddies and Kassav Pizza, September 28, 2003
Bassam Zim, September 30, 2003
If Pigs Could Fly, September 30, 2003
Some pics of us Xaverians, Spetember 30, 2003

The Haitian Diaries, Trois, October/octobre 2003, Pandiassou
Making Peanut Butter, October 16, 2003
Haiti in October, October 20, 2003
Acrobatic Boys, October 21, 2003
Chicken Soup [Feet] For The Soul, October 21, 2003
Visit From Mike and Mike, October 27, 2003
with other pages:
* Subj:  Visit of Mike and Mike (Bassam Zim)

* Subj:  Visit of Mike and Mike (At Church)

* Subj:  Visit of Mike and Mike (Eating Mayi Boukane)

* Subj:  Visit of Mike and Mike (At Orphanage)

The Birthday Box Arrives from Maine, October 30

The Haitian Diaries, Quatre, November/novembre 2003, Pandiassou
Autumn in Haiti, November 3, 2003
with other pages:
* Subj:  Harvesting corn in Haiti

* Subj:  Halloween Box

Ivennsonn's house, November 6
As promised here is a quick look at some of the projects we are involved in, November 18
Jon and Marita Visit, Jana's parents from Washington state, November 18
Sick Boy, November 18
Haitian Art:
Ak yon inyon fratènèl nou ka gen yon Ayiti (Ench) solanèl.
With a fraternal union we could have a very bright future in Hinche (Haiti).
By Emmanuel Basia, Hinche Haiti
Haitian Art:
Man anpil chay pa lou
Many hands make the load light. Let's make a united group to save Haiti. We can have a new Haiti if we apply that proverb.
By Theard Elficasse, Hinche Haiti
Happy Thanksgiving From Haiti, November 30
Well, I got to experience my first trip to and from Port-au-Prince on a tap-tap
By Jana Robbins

The Haitian Diaries, Quatre, Decemeber/décembre 2003, Pandiassou

A day in Paradise, December 18, 2003
Merry Christmas from Haiti, December 25, 2003
On the Road...Haitian Style, December 24, 2003
The Haitian Diaries, Quatre, January/janvier 2004, Pandiassou et partoute
Christmas at Chez Wou, January 18, 2004
Sunrise In Pandyasou, January, 18, 2004
Happy New Year! , January 19, 2004
Our Christmas in Port-de-Paix, January 18, 2004
Nerf Balls at the Orphanage, January 21, 2004